Insurance Service

Insurance Service

Bhumi Packers & Movers

Insurance of valuable belongings is a must to keep the assurance of compensation of equal value in case of mishap or misfortune while proceeding with the task of shifting and relocation. It is a saying that precaution is better than cure; the same is the case with insurance. It covers the goods and valuables and ensures the client with the amount equal to actual loses. Sometimes, no matter how efficiently the packing is done, how best quality material and services are rendered to the goods, uncontrollable factors like catastrophe, fire, sabotage, insurgence etc can result in damages or even the vanish of the goods.

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There are “Transit Insurance” and “comprehensive insurance” available for packing and moving of the goods. Transit insurance ensures with the compensation, in case of damages or loses of goods only if the goods carrier vehicle meets with any accident. Hence Transit insurance is only applicable in case of accident whereas comprehensive insurance is the one that is applicable for any kind of damage or loses through the overall process of packing, shifting and relocation. At a premium of 1.2 % transit insurance is available and 3% premium comprehensive premium is available. with transport insurance services we render our customers with risk free cover for all their possessions.

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